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Starry Night (by Simon Dubreuil)

(via lovelikelighthouse)


Starry night

Full of light

Give me hope

Give me chance


I beg for support

And pray for salvation

In the dark white of the moon

And the single multitude of stars


A miracle night

Flashing bright

With pain

And possibility

Look Out for Small Things

A light in a world

That isn’t so bright

A smile on a day

That is filled with pain

A helping hand

That catches the fallen

An honest word

In a world that is broken


When you’re down

And thinking only of the downtrodden

When you cannot go on

And holding on to what’s almost forgotten

When you feel lonely

And it just doesn’t get better

When you lose faith

And it feels like hope’s been gone forever


Look out for the small things

The things most overlook

Because it’s there you find hope

And the strength even despair never took

Just One

A light in a world

That isn’t so bright,


A smile on a day

When all you do is cry,


A hug without agenda

Fighting off the lingering dark,


A love so slight

It shackles and binds.

Highs and Lows

I don’t want you

To fear the morning

I don’t want you

To dread the night

I want to spend

Every day with you

And that includes

Us coming down from our highs


I want to crash and burn

With you at my side

I want to fall and fail

With you as my guiding light

There’s no need for hesitation

We’ve known our place all along

You belong with me

And I belong with you


Through all the highs and lows

Through every rise and every fall

Give It All

You’re proud of what you’ve done

The long way that you’ve come

Repaid by fame, success, and power

Hard work and defences you will not lower


A light in a world that isn’t so bright

Covering up the truth to be kind

What you show to the world

Is only a part of who you are


When you look in the mirror

You see what they prefer

When you stare at your reflection

You fix the image for inspection


Duty and strength

You would go to any length to show

But I can see in your eyes

That it’s really what you despise


You’re proud of your deception

Of hiding behind the reflection

That shimmers in the others’ gaze

And obscures who you are in a gaudy, strangled haze


There is power where you walk

And misdirection in the way you talk

There is light wherever you go

Because that is what you want to sow


In a world that needs a light

You try your best

To strengthen the others

And forget your own rest.