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Your Friendship Is Like Therapy To Me

When we talk, it feels like therapy to me. And in a positive way.

When we talk, I have to think before I speak because your intellect demands that I structure my thoughts. You have very little patience for whimsy or stupidity or irrationality. So I reflect my thoughts before I tell you about them. I choose my words carefully before I let you hear them. And I evaluate whether the way I feel and think really makes sense.

Some people might say that this is stressful and that this is not what a good friend should demand from me. Common opinion suggests that friends will listen to any kind of drivel and love their friends for it.

I have those friends, too. But I prefer your friendship and that you demand more from me when we talk.

I love it so much because it helps me re-evaluate my life and my worries and everything that happens every day. Your demands for proper conversation are like therapy, but I explain it differently. I always tell others that I imagine my life like a row of framed pictures on a wall. And in our conversations, yours and mine, we walk along this wall where the frames have become slightly crooked, and I right them and you step a few feet away and tell me whether they are aligned properly again. You help me straighten out my life by demanding that I look more closely, more rationally, and more critically at my life.

Your friendship is like therapy, and I really wish we would talk more often. Recently, I have become more in need of guidance and conversation.

At the Farewell Party

The garden looked lush. The trees were showing off their mid-summer splendor with their deep green leaves creating a shadowy canopy over the asters that would bloom in the fall and whose fern-like leaves looked like the perfect hiding place for fairies and gnomes. I had always loved summer gardens in the rural villages where I grew up, in the very center of Germany. They invited my imagination to run wild, and I always called my parents’ garden an island of clean air and calm, green happiness. Paul’s parents had done a wonderful job in their garden as well. I could take in a great deal of its beauty when I made my way through the garage into the garden.

They had filled the green lawn with two small canvas pavilions, a precaution against possible summer rain, and a few of Paul’s relatives were sitting in their shade. The relatives would disappear from the garden and the party after a while, leaving the younger generation to its partying. For now, however, Paul wasn’t only saying goodbye to his friends but also to his aunts and uncles and his many cousins who were close to him in age. He had made this night a party for everyone; a celebration to say goodbye before he left for college in the U.S.

I was happy that I had arrived before sunset. Paul’s family had only moved into this house a few months ago. I had wanted to see as much of the family’s new home as I could before he left, and that included the beauty of their garden. Another magical backyard in the center of Germany.

Paul walked up to me as soon as I passed through the garage. He smiled at me and leaned down for a hug. I rose to the tips of my toes so I could reach for his shoulders.

“You look good,” he said. He never used a lot of words to speak his mind. He didn’t enjoy small talk and mindless chatter. But the words that he did speak always held meaning.

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Anna was my first friend. Our parents knew each other, but to this day I still don’t know how exactly they met. Maybe it was because we both had older brothers; maybe it was because both her parents and mine were teachers; or maybe they had simply met by chance, moving into our small town right around the same time. Whatever the connection might have been, they definitely thought it would be a good idea to introduce their little girls to each other. We had been friends ever since.

Anna and I were best friends in kindergarten, playing with dolls and climbing the trees in our backyards. On a class picture, shot on my first day of elementary school, she is standing next to me. She is wearing red corduroys, and I am wearing blue jeans. Even then, there were the popular kids and those who were just a little too smart, too dorky, or too strange. I guess Anna and I fell into the dorky category. Slightly chubby girls who wore sweaters passed down to them by their brothers and who enjoyed reading almost as much as running around in the fields surrounding our town.

In middle school, we started spending less time playing with dolls and more time talking about boys, but in the end we were still the smart, dorky, and somewhat chubby girls from elementary school. We both got good grades. After school Anna would help me get over my fear of dogs by letting me play with hers, and I would listen to her when she told me about her dad moving out, into the next town, and her eldest brother moving away for college.

I was never afraid of starting high school because I knew Anna would be right by my side. And she was. Still slightly chubby and still wearing corduroys while I was wearing jeans. We each set our sights on a different boy. They were popular and good-looking, and so far out of our leagues. We hung out with a few other girls, laughing and giggling. We went shopping together, wondering what it would be like to be skinny and pretty, like the popular girls.

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Losing Hope and Growing Up

I don’t remember the last time we were this happy together. I think it was sometime before we finished school. We were so young still and the world was ours to conquer. Back then, we dreamed of staying friends forever and sticking together against all odds. But then life happened. And all that happiness and optimism and hope fell away. You went off to fight dragons and you returned bruised and broken and entirely unconvinced that life was still worth living. And I did what everyone expected me to do. And I hurt. And I nearly broke. And only the thought of you and the future we had imagined together kept me going when the going got tough. Now we are both damaged goods, bruised and battered and irrevocably changed by life. We are different from the happy children we once were and it makes me so sad to see us slowly give up hope. Even though we are standing shoulder to shoulder again, ready to take the next step together, we are insecure and indecisive. I caught myself wishing for the girl I used to be and the boy you used to be. I wished for their strength and their optimism. I wished they could come back from the past and help us navigate the future we are about to embark upon. I love you, but I am not sure if we are strong enough to make the future as bright and beautiful as we dreamed it would be when we were eighteen.

A Travelling Companion

We go foreign places

Whenever we can

Together we travel

Where we’ve never been


You’re a good companion

Because you’re a trusted friend

And I know you’ve got me

Like I’ve got your back


I’m glad that we go

Every now and then

To stretch our wings

And escape the plans


I would grow restless

If I didn’t have you

To come with me

And then return anew


Thank you.

Thank you for all the laughter.

Thank you for your friendship and loyalty.

Thank you for all the hours of just being girls.

Thank you for growing up alongside me.

Thank you for sharing your opinions.

Thank you for walking with me.

Thank you for being my friends.

Thank you.

If You Had Looked My Way

You will never be good enough for her. I hope you know that. She will never have you if you continue living like this. She won’t look at you twice. You will have to change, drastically, to fit her needs and to meet her expectations.  You will have to become someone you never wanted to be. Maybe then, maybe after some time, she will reconsider. Maybe, if you prove your worth, she might give it a try. She will make you change everything you are and everything you ever were to suit her wishes. If you are willing to leave your past behind, and if you are willing to accept a future you were never destined to live, she will look at you and find what she wants. But you will have to turn it all around if you want to appeal to her. And I wonder, as I sit here and watch you struggle and fail, if she is really worth giving up any chance of true happiness you might have had before she entered your life. I can see you giving up the person you were destined to be to make her happy, and it is killing me deep inside. If you had looked my way, I would have taken you before you twisted yourself around.

Morning After

Her wishes for freedom and independence made her go too far. This morning after, she has to deal with the guilt of having hurt a friend.

The morning light claimed Helena’s room earlier than she would have liked it to. The sun pushed through the curtains. The heavy cloth was no obstacle for its power, and Helena woke reluctantly with the light intruding on her sleep even as she kept her eyes closed against the world. There was a wooly and thick feeling on her tongue and she tried to swallow it down. Her eyes felt heavy and her eyelashes stuck together. Her whole body felt heavy. She ached. With her eyes still shut tight, she stretched one leg out under the covers. When her foot came into contact with a thick, hairy leg underneath her blanket, she jerked it back. Startled, she opened her eyes despite how much it hurt and held her breath. She blinked against the sunlight that was suddenly blinding her. She had forgotten to draw the curtains the night before, she noticed, and cursed herself for her lack of forethought. No wonder the light had woken her. Remembering the unknown and unexpected leg her foot had encountered, she tried to focus her gaze on the other side of her bed and felt the breath she had been holding rush out of her.

She would recognize that head of tousled dark hair anywhere even if the pillow next to hers was an unlikely place to spot it this early in the day, when she had just woken up. Helena tried to calm her nerves a little. Her heart was still racing against time, but she knew there was no reason to panic. The leg she had touched earlier and the tousled hair on her pillow belonged to her long-time friend Paul. They had fallen asleep in the same bed before. Usually after nights of heavy drinking or all-night study sessions. There was no need to get upset about it, especially not now that a pounding headache and a crick in her neck were making themselves known to her.

She groaned quietly and felt for the edge of the mattress. With slow and careful motions, she maneuvered her body towards the edge of the bed and put her naked feet on the cold wood-floor of her bedroom. She shifted on the bed and moved to the edge, trying not to upset her balance too much in case she would get sick. It was only when she let the blanket fall from her body that she realized her state of undress. She was completely naked underneath the blankets. That was when she felt the panic of earlier return with full force. She was naked in bed with one of her best friends. She could feel the beginning of a major hangover making itself known to her, and she was naked in bed with her friend Paul.

With her back to the still sleeping form of her friend, she sat at the edge of her bed with her feet planted on the solid wood at her feet. Her heartbeat pounded a fast staccato rhythm and her hands had begun to tremble. She chanced a glance over her shoulder and found that the blanket had shifted just enough to reveal Paul’s broad back. The blanket had fallen enough for her to see that her friend was equally as naked as she was, the blanket no longer covering his naked lower back. Her heartbeat sped up even further. She tried desperately to remember how the night before had ended, but the pounding in her head was getting in the way of her memories. She could not concentrate.

Taking a deep and soundless breath, Helena once again turned her back to the man sleeping through her mild panic attack and glanced at the alarm clock on her bedside table. It read sixteen minutes past ten in bright red digits and next to it, there was the colorful, and more importantly, ripped condom wrapper. She felt all hope leave her at the sight, and her shoulders sagged in defeat. If what she was dreading would prove to be true once she could think straight again, she would have to recognize that she had finally committed a mistake during her drunken escapades that was not as easy to erase as the others that had happened before. She allowed herself a moment of weakness and let the despair she was feeling overwhelm her. The room seemed darker, despite the bright sunshine, and her insides drew together with emotions she usually managed to suppress. If she was honest with herself these emotions oftentimes did not even come up anymore. Her breath came in short bursts but it disturbed the complete silence only very little. She dropped her head in her hands and her eyes stung even more.

Before the tears could come, though, she straightened up. She took a deep and steadying breath while looking around her room for a piece of clothing to cover up her nudity. She spotted the oversized t-shirt she usually slept in crumpled up in a heap at the bottom of her bed. Balancing underneath the blanket while trying not to disturb the mattress, she reached for the t-shirt and pulled it over her head. She then slowly rose from the bed and took her time with the first few steps, allowing the world to right itself at its own pace, holding on to the dresser next to her bed. When she no longer felt like she would keel over or stumble from the pain that threatened to split her head in two, she opened a drawer and pulled out a fresh pair of panties and sweat pants. With the clothing in hand, she tip-toed across the wooden floor to her bedroom door and opened it as quietly as she could.

She slipped out of her room and into the bathroom at the end of the hallway. There were no sounds in the apartment yet. Neither one of her two roommates seemed to be awake just yet. She considered it a blessing. She could not have faced either of them this early in the morning, after the night she had had and the shock she had received upon waking up. Helena locked herself into the bathroom to attempt some semblance of her morning ablutions. Only after she had brushed her teeth and washed her face, she chanced a glance in the mirror. The person looking back at her did not look like the young woman she usually found staring back.

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Stolen Soul

We were good for each other in the way friends always are

You were popular and I was nice to everyone just to stay alive

Then they came along with their demands and their ideas

And made us drift apart because when they looked at us they saw fire and ice


I remember the day we met when you were just a nerd

And I was that dorky girl who could not give voice to her thoughts

We became friends on the sly and no one knew for a while

That we met and talked and laughed and did not care at all


But then they noticed and questioned our motives

They took our talks and our laughter and created a rumor

And I became awkward and you turned cold

So we gave up what we had because they stole its soul

You Cannot Have Me

It’s causing you distress

I get it now  

It took some time to understand

Why you seem so far away all the time


You cannot have me

And you don’t know why

I’m the exception to the rule

Someone unnatural to you


Because I don’t fall all over myself

When I’m with you

And I don’t fawn

Or trip or fall for you


You don’t understand

Both me and the friendship I crave


I won’t ever be yours

And you don’t know if you’ll ever be mine

You cannot have me

Not even for a little while